We had a wonderful experience with Trey, Jack and Mary Kathryn Strong. Trey is so good to make himself available for any questions at any time, he has the best customer service. He answers immediately when we called him even on weekends and holidays. Trey understood our needs while helping us build what we had envisioned. He surrounded himself with excellent team of subcontractors who were always helpful and accessible. He worked within the limits of our budget and kept us on track. Evan after we moved in, he took care of our needs with one phone call. We highly recommend Trey to anyone wanting to build a quality custom home. We are so glad we chose him.

Alan & Lana Sharif

We are currently in our third home built by Trey Strong Custom Builders. Two of the three we actually built with him.

Trey is so great to make himself available for questions or concerns. The actual finish out evolved along the way with our current home, and Trey was happy to accommodate or visit about changing thoughts or new ideas at any point. He is as professional as it gets when it comes to customer service. His mentality is to keep it between the builder and the homeowner. There is no need to go through anyone else. When you call, it is Trey you speak to or quickly returns your call.

We feel he has the best group of subs hands down. When you surround yourself with the best, the team is that much more efficient in producing the best possible product.

Strong Custom Homes one of the very few, if not the only, that will truly give you the custom home building experience.

Ross and Meg Rushing

We truly enjoyed working with Trey Strong during the construction of our home. He works with excellent subcontractors. His team was efficient and helpful. He was very quick to respond to our questions and concerns. We love our house!

Carolyn Lackey

Dear Trey,

I want to thank you again for the tremendous job you did on our new home. Being a commercial contractor, I had considered building it myself. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to hire Trey Strong Custom Homes instead.

You’ve obviously worked hard to assemble an excellent crew of craftsmen. It’s clear that they understand your expectations and do what it takes to deliver a quality product. Everything in the house was installed beautifully.

I also know that construction projects are going to have issues; it’s just part of the business. And, while any issues we had were very minor, you were always accessible, always practical, and you always resolved them almost immediately. Your personal attention and service is what I appreciated most about the entire process.

I will tell anyone I know looking for an outstanding home builder to call Trey Strong. Thank you again.

Chad Henthorn

We had never built before, Trey helped us build exactly what we had envisioned. We would build and use Strong Custom Builders again in a heartbeat!

Brad & Keeli Wilson

We had a wonderful experience with Trey and Mary Kathryn. My husband Jason and I had just found out we were pregnant with our first child when we decided to build. From the very beginning they were helpful in planning a custom home that would be a perfect fit for our new family, while still working within the framework of our budget. When it came to making decisions about the structure and design of our home, we found both Trey and Mary Kathryn to be very honest without letting personal biases and opinions interfere. Building a custom home can be overwhelming and we relied heavily on the experience they both have with home building and design.

A personal investment of this nature can be stressful and we always felt they had our best interest in mind. Trey is building homes all over Lubbock and West Texas but we never felt that another project was more important than ours. Our phone calls never went unanswered and M.K. patiently went through several rounds of paint before we settled on the perfect shade. While gray is beautiful, it can be tricky.

We have no regrets or complaints about our home building experience. Jason and I spent a lot of time reviewing homes for sale on the internet before finally making the decision to build. While we found several beautiful homes, none came close to the custom home we live in today. We were able to build a home that perfectly fit our needs yet still very different from so many of the homes you see from other local builders.

We love our home; it has exceeded all of our expectations. We would highly recommend building with Trey and Mary Kathryn without hesitation.

Jason & Amy Punchard